A and M Dismantlers is one of the leading Auto Dismantlers in the Sacramento area. We will Buy your old Cars and Trucks. We carry parts that fit Ford, Mercury, Chevy & Dodge Cars & Trucks some of our early model inventory includes auto parts for Ford Mustangs, Cougars, Fairlanes, Falcons, Galaxies, Rancheros.

Ford Mustang Parts . . . . A and M Dismantlers features one of the largest early model Ford Mustang auto parts selections, in Northern California. Ford Mustang parts in addition to engines, transmissions and other drive train components, our inventory of quality used car parts includes interior and exterior body parts (head lights, tail lights, fenders, doors, steering columns, consoles, seats, radios, etc.) . We carry early Ford Mustang parts to include everything from bumper to bumper. New inventory arriving, everyday.

TERMS: You may pay for your early Ford Mustang Parts by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards and Bank ATM cards.

Ford & Mercury Cars & Trucks. In 2003 Ford Motor Company celebrated its 100th Birthday. With its beginnings centered around the curious tinkerings of a young apprentice engineer, Ford has gone on to produce some of the most memorable cars and trucks in the history of the automobile. [back]

Ford Mustangs In 1961, Lee Iacocca, vice president and general manager of Ford Division, had a vision. His vision was a car that would seat four people, have bucket seats, a floor mounted shifter, be no more than 180 inches long, weigh less than 2500 pounds, and sell for less than $2500.00. [back]

The Mercury Cougar was introduced in 1967 as the more upscale version of the Ford Mustang. It had more mature styling and upscale interior appointments and rode on a three inch longer wheelbase than the Mustang. Yet despite its greater emphasis on luxury than performance, the Mercury Cougar still managed to make its mark on the American street scene. [back]

The Ford Fairlane was produced by the Ford motor company from 1955 through 1969. The original body design was the full sized Ford body which started out as a family vehicle and slowly evolved into many different available models and body styles. The exterior paint and trim options, seemed endless with elaborate cloth woven seat covers and a rainbow of paint combinations, you could virtually have any variety of Fairlane your heart desired. Variety was big in the early days which makes these cars somewhat more difficult to restore but all the more interesting to the collector. [back]

The Ford Falcon was built by the Ford motor company from 1960 through 1970. During these years, the Falcon was offered in many shapes and sizes to include two and four door sedans , two and four door station wagons, two door hardtops, convertibles, sedan deliveries and Rancheros. The original Mustang actually evolved from the development of the Falcon. Many of the design elements and chassis pieces were actually Falcon parts used to build the original 1964 ½ Mustang. It was Lee Iacocca's idea to develop a new car based on the Falcon chassis. In other words, if there was not a Falcon, the Mustang would have not been created. [back] 1960 Ford Galaxie In 1960, the Galaxie acquired completely new body lines. This new year featured the addition of the very popular Starliner body style. The dashing sports car sedan sported a rakish roofline with no door post for the open air effect throughout the car. Ford also produced the Galaxie Club Sedan, the Galaxie Town Sedan, Galaxie Town Victoria, and the Sunliner Convertible. There was also a Country Squire wagon offered with woodgrain body side trim. The 1960 Galaxie shared the same body design as the 1960 Fairlane. [back]

The Ford Ranchero was produced by the Ford motor company from 1957 through 1979. This unique vehicle was the first of its kind being the first car with a truck bed. In the 23 years of total production, there were a total of 508,355 units produced. After the immediate success of the Ford Ranchero, Chevrolet proceeded to try and duplicate their own version of the Ranchero in 1959, but the Ranchero was the original "car-truck". [back]

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