200 Vets Wrongly Told They Have ALS At least 1.

1,200 Vets Wrongly Told They Have ALS At least 1,200 veterans in the united states have already been mistakenly told by the Veterans Administration that they have problems with a fatal neurological disease. One of the leaders of a Gulf Battle veterans group says panicked veterans from Alabama, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming have got contacted the combined group about the error. Denise Nichols, the vice president of the National Gulf Battle Resource Center, says the VA is usually blaming a coding mistake for the mistake. Letters dated Aug. 12 were intended to notify veterans who’ve Lou Gehrig’s disease of disability benefits open to them.25 in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. ‘Health care providers should counsel patients about how smoking cessation not merely reduces the risk of loss of life and having another heart attack, but also reduces the risk of experiencing chest pain and may most likely improve general mental health,’ study author and psychologist Donna Buchanan stated in a journal news release. The findings offer more evidence about the harmful ramifications of smoking and the need for more education for heart attack patients, added Buchanan, a researcher and manager with Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute’s cardiovascular outcomes research group. Buchanan suggested that the results might offer current smokers more motivation to quit.