Acamprosate might help treat patients with autism.

Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited form of developmental disability. Fragile X syndrome can be inherited from a carrier mother or father, most frequently the mother. Up to two thirds of individuals with Fragile X syndrome display proof autism spectrum disorders. ‘Dr. Erickson’s research and function in this area is unique. The Indiana University Technology and Research Company has requested a use patent because, while we are definately not definitive treatment and understanding, as early data is acquired, we believe this drug has genuine potential as a therapy for both children and adults with autism,’ said Bradley Fravel, Ph.D., MBA, an IURTC senior technology manager. IURTC functions to enhance the study and development capacity for Indiana University, creating new Indiana-based businesses, and provides support for entrepreneurial development.Increased Fertility in Men One of the many reasons why doctors assistance on consuming American ginseng is normally their capacity for treating infertility in guys. Naturopathy experts strongly recommend use of American ginseng as it supplements sperm production and increases the sperm fertility in men. Sexual Empowerment Researches show that American ginseng has the capability to deal with mood swings and launch stress that empowers men sexually. This herb is normally widely thought to be an adaptogen that stimulates men sexually and makes them more responsive.