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Coli cultured from the urethra or from midstream urine but with sterile catheter urine cultures.15,28 In this regard, 25 percent of episodes with sterile catheter urine cultures acquired growth of a uropathogen in paired specimens of midstream urine. It is also possible that noninfectious conditions may underlie symptoms in a few women. The strengths of our study are the number of well-characterized participants with the clinical presentation of cystitis and the detailed microbiologic analysis of specimens of midstream urine and catheter urine with quantification of organisms to 10 CFU per milliliter. Although urethral catheterization might be contaminated by urethral organisms carried in to the bladder by the catheter, previous studies have discovered no significant distinctions between colony counts in bladder urine that was collected by suprapubic aspiration and those in bladder urine that was gathered by urethral catheterization.15,27 We believe that our study population is representative of the relatively homogeneous human population of healthy premenopausal females with cystitis and that our microbiologic results are generalizable to this population.Study authors noted, however, that while participants discovered cold sores and psoriasis to be bothersome similarly, psoriasis might have a larger overall impact because skin lesions are chronic. ‘People with psoriasis often reveal they are stared in and asked never to participate in certain activities because of the appearance of their skin,’ said Kimball, who is also director of the Clinical Unit for Study Trials and Outcomes in Skin at Massachusetts General. ‘This study validated what they describe experiencing,’ she added. ‘It is important that people understand it isn’t contagious – – and frankly, it’s just a little surprising that it’s so badly understood, given how many people suffer from this condition.’ Dr.