Advantedge Healthcare Solutions announces acquisition of AMSplus AdvantEdge Health care Solutions.

AMSplus offers been offering billing and practice administration services to customers since 1982. Practice financial data, obtainable anytime, anywhere. Regulatory compliance, built-in. ‘This acquisition expands our currently broad presence in New England and enhances the suite of billing and practice management services that are available to medical methods, hospitals, and ambulatory medical procedures centers through the entire Northeast.’ ‘This is a tremendous chance for AMSplus and our clients,’ said Marc Bolh, President and CEO of AMSplus. ‘At AMSplus, we pride ourselves on offering our customers your options and flexibility to create their practices prosper.This observation supports the theory that live attenuated Listeria immunotherapies can result in long lived responses, possibly by stimulating persistent immune memory.

Aeterna Zentaris presents AEZS-131 data against cancer at AACR meeting Aeterna Zentaris Inc. Poster #3563 Entitled, An extremely selective Erk 1/2 inhibitor with in-vivo anti tumor potency , Irene Seipelt, Eckhard Guenther, Lars Blumenstein, Gilbert Mueller, Peter Schmidt, Babette Aicher, Michael Teifel and Matthias Gerlach . In in vivo pharmacokinetic studies, AEZS-131 demonstrated a favorable PK profile. Anti-tumor activity was studied in in vivo mouse xenograft experiments using the HCT-116 cancer of the colon model. AEZS-131 considerably inhibited tumor development and was well tolerated at daily doses up to 120 mg/kg.