Affymax initiates Phase 3 clinical tests of Hematide in Japan.

In January, Affymax announced the completion of follow-up and treatment of patients signed up for the four-trial, Phase 3 clinical program for Hematide in the U.S. The business expects to survey topline results from these trials in the second one fourth of 2010. The U.S. Phase 3 scientific program enrolled approximately 2,600 chronic renal failure patients at approximately 400 clinical trial sites. Source Affymax, Inc.. Affymax initiates Phase 3 clinical tests of Hematide in Japan, receives $5M milestone payment Affymax, Inc. The milestone was achieved with the initiation of Stage 3 clinical screening of Hematide to treat anemia in chronic renal failure sufferers in Japan.Combining 54 years of clinical experience, case therapists and managers are credentialed in mental health insurance and substance disorders. Their belief and observation is normally that by addressing these two diagnoses concurrently they decrease relapse rates, hospitalizations, violence, incarceration and homelessness. The Dual Recovery System has served over 1,000 people and has aided clients in continuing education, maintaining and obtaining independent casing and gainful employment, reunifying family members, and strengthening familial interactions. Offering employment readiness classes, group classes and job-seeking assistance, after only two years the recidivism rate for the program’s 165 participants decreased to only three %, compared with the statewide rate of almost 70 % for this population.