Antonio Palumbo.

Results of these trials may shed further light on this important clinical area. In conclusion, we discovered that consolidation therapy with high-dose melphalan, in comparison with MPR, improved progression-free and overall survival, although at a price of increased toxicity. Our findings confirm that high-dosage melphalan remains the far better therapeutic option in individuals with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. We also discovered that maintenance therapy with lenalidomide, as compared without maintenance therapy, significantly decreased the risk of disease progression..Masitinib as first-series treatment of advanced GIST Two various other presentations were delivered also, one reporting on the 5-year follow-up data from a phase II clinical research of masitinib in the first-collection treatment of advanced or metastatic GIST locally, and a related demonstration describing the ongoing stage III study because of this indication. The poster communication Masitinib in imatinib-naive advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumor : Five-year follow-up of the French Sarcoma Group phase II trial , shipped by Dr Axel Le Cesne , reported on the most recent data from a multicenter, open label, stage II study, evaluating safety and efficacy of masitinib as a first-line treatment of advanced GIST. Median general survival in masitinib compares to that of favorably imatinib especially in individuals with KIT exon 11 mutation subpopulation.