AUL Actions opposes anti-life health care bill At 8:00 p.

AUL Actions opposes anti-life health care bill At 8:00 p.m . Tonight, the Senate is normally likely to vote on cloture on the Motion to Check out debate on Senate Majority Head Harry Reid’s pro-abortion health care bill. Sixty Senators’ votes are necessary for the bill to move forward. While this vote offers been touted by pro-abortion lawmakers as simply procedural in nature, according to the Congressional Research Service, over 97 percent of expenses that want a cloture vote to begin debate ultimately pass the Senate. People in america United for Life Actions CEO and President Dr. Charmaine Yoest stated, Senator Reid’s bill provides for an unprecedented growth of federally-funded abortion. Nearly all Americans who oppose federal funding of abortion will not are a symbol of policies that power them into spending money on abortions under the guise of health care reform.

Prostate cancer testing can be an individual decision that patients should make together with their doctor, and because every case differs, there is absolutely no single standard for treatment that applies to all men, nor should there be at this time. Not all prostate cancers need immediate treatment. But doctors and their patients cannot make the best treatment decision, like the option for energetic surveillance, if they under no circumstances know the cancer is there. Informed prostate malignancy testing empowers sufferers and their doctors with the info to choose what options are right for them..