Concussion Recovery COULD BE Delayed in Older Adults: TUESDAY.

Old age has been named an independent predictor of worse end result from concussion, but most previous studies had been performed on younger adults, said lead writer Dr. David Yen-Ting Chen, a radiologist at Shuang-Ho Hospital in New Taipei Town, Taiwan. This study – – published online Oct. 6 in the journal Radiology – – included 13 older adults, aged 51 to 68, and 13 young adults, aged 21 to 30. The participants were assessed a month and 10 weeks after suffering a concussion.Fifty-one % regarded themselves moderate, while 14 % had been liberal and 34 % were conservative. Reported results are weighted by condition population, age and gender. The margin of error for the full sample is normally plus or minus 3.9 %.

Irregular placental folds help identify autism risk in newborns Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have figured out how to measure an infant's threat of developing autism by looking for abnormalities in his/her placenta in birth, allowing for earlier treatment and diagnosis intended for the developmental disorder.