Despite a contract he and the few signed absolving him of any parental obligations.

He warned that the case has important cultural implications and could affect a great many other family members. Marotta is likely to appeal the decision, and expects the case to attain the Kansas Supreme Court. If enough noise gets made about it, at this stage, maybe things changes for the better, he said.. Absurd! Sperm donor to lesbian few ordered to pay child support A Kansas court has ordered a man who volunteered to act as a sperm donor to a lesbian few to pay child support, despite a contract he and the few signed absolving him of any parental obligations.Of the 114 patients with cervical-lymph-node relapse in the therapeutic-surgery group, 60 died of disease progression. Subgroup Analyses The overall survival benefit of elective neck dissection was seen across prespecified subgroups, as described according to stratification factors and other factors recognized to affect survival . Post hoc analysis according to the depth of invasion of the principal tumor was suggestive of too little benefit of elective throat dissection in the 71 patients with a tumor depth of invasion measuring 3 mm or less, however the test of interaction was not significant. Factors Affecting Survival Elective node dissection ongoing to have a significant effect on rates of overall and disease-free survival after adjustment for covariates, including stratification factors along with tumor grade, the presence or absence of lymphovascular embolization or perineural invasion, resection-margin status, and depth of tumor invasion.