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Ladies were required to have a negative pregnancy check at the screening visit and before every vaccination. Subjects were recruited in two cohorts according to a dose-escalating, double-blind style. Each cohort consisted of 30 subjects, 24 of whom received XRX-001 and 6 of whom received placebo . In each one of the two cohorts, subjects had been randomly assigned to get two 0.5-ml intramuscular injections, at an interval of 21 times, of XRX-001 at the low dose, XRX-001 at the high dose, or placebo. Bloodstream samples for antibody testing were obtained on day 0, day 21 , day 31, and day 42.Education and certification of the qualifications necessary to be an acute cardiac care physician have been important priorities for the working group over the past few years. It created the ESC Textbook of Intensive and Acute Cardiac Care in 2011, a reference manual that was co-authored by internationally recognised scientists. The textbook encompasses the entire curriculum needed to provide the best treatment in this field, said Professor Clemmensen. It engulfs patient treatment at the pre-hospital phase, the flow through the er also to the coronary care unit and intensive treatment unit. As ACCA we will be updating the textbook and publishing a new version. .

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