Hospital incident reports do not catch most harm occurring in hospitals.

Administrative data can help gauge potential risk and liability during hospitalization Several studies show that hospitalized patients still have unacceptably high rates of harm and injury due partly to limited access for quality staff to acquire primary care data from digital medical records. As a result, hospital incident reports do not catch most harm occurring in hospitals. A fresh study released in the September special issue Emerging Models of Care and Payment Delivery of the Journal for Healthcare Quality showed that using administrative data, such as discharge abstracts, can gauge the standard of treatment and identify possibilities for improvement female health .

Amanda Baten revealed the outcomes of Erica Hill’s 6-week fitness experiment.. Adopting healthy life style in six weeks: do-able Six weeks ago, ‘Early Show’ co-anchor Erica Hill attemptedto start following all of the suggestions you hear about getting a healthier and more balanced life-style. ‘As a working mom, obtaining the right amount of exercise and diet into my day to day routine was ordinarily a challenge,’ Hill says. Enter ‘The Erica Hill Experiment’ – – six-weeks, chronicled on the show and on where Erica tried to incorporate healthier habits into her life, by using advice from three professionals – advice viewers might use, as well. And, says Hill, ‘Looking back, I’d have to say it might be worth your while.’ Professionals were CBS Information Medical Correspondent Dr.