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In patients with ABA amounts above the pre-specified threshold cutoff, the target response rate nearly tripled in comparison to control and there was a development for improved survival. Median overall survival was 11.3 months in the control group, 12.4 months in the complete Imprime PGG group. Serum ABA levels may be a predictive biomarker for Imprime PGG activity. Further study to characterize the predictive significance of the biomarker is normally ongoing. Establishment of a predictive biomarker for Imprime PGG will enable the enrichment of long term clinical trials and, ultimately, provide oncologists with extra tools for evaluating treatment plans for their sufferers, said Dan Conners, president of Biothera's Pharmaceutical Group.The chinstrap will support the tongue and the lower jaw to be able to avoid the obstruction for easy breathing. It is made from a light-weight, high-tech material and provides been tested now by thousands of people by. The chinstrap remedy will therefore cure sleep apnea without going right through a painful surgery, or having to use a nose holder.

AARP to work with Hollywood to include health care issues in viewing AARP’s Divided We Fail advertising campaign will work with an increase of than 500 Hollywood authors and producers to add messages about healthcare in the tale lines of popular television shows and movies, wednesday the groups planned to announce, USA Today reports. The Divided We Fail campaign, in April 2007 to find a bipartisan way to make health care affordable which was launched, will continue to work with the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, the Entertainment Industry Foundation and the FILM and Television Fund.