Julie Gauthier.

We observed no de novo, splicing, or truncating mutations in these series of subjects . The number of de novo mutations in the SYNGAP1 coding sequence in the individuals with nonsyndromic mental retardation was significantly higher than that in all of those other tested series comprising individuals with autism spectrum disorders or schizophrenia and control subjects . As well as the common I1115T variant, three unique heterozygous missense variants had been found in topics with autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia . These variants aren’t within any SYNGAP1 practical domains, are unlikely to become pathogenic because these were transmitted from an unaffected parent, and are predicted to haven’t any effect on protein function . Statistical Analysis We used Fisher’s exact check to compare the prices of de novo mutations in the coding sequence of SYNGAP1 in samples from 94 individuals with nonsyndromic mental retardation with those of samples from 475 subjects in the other three series in the analysis .For those who need a threading with their eyebrows and upper forehead, they can be done maintaining the macho look and the rugged appeal in men perfectly. By the real way, haven’t we come to an age group where we can merge the genders well yet maintain our unique dignified identity?

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