Low-Dose Aspirin.

Andrew Chan, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical College in Boston. ‘The question now could be really whether aspirin can also assist in preventing other cancers aswell,’ Chan said. ‘We need more research, but there’s already some evidence that that could be the case. And we now have a substantial and incredibly consistent body of evidence displaying that aspirin can prevent cancer of the colon.’ For certain people, Chan said, ‘like those with a predisposition to colon cancer, the risk-benefit analysis might make a complete lot of sense.’.. Low-Dose Aspirin, Additional Painkillers May Lower CANCER OF THE COLON Risk: – MONDAY, Aug. 24, 2015 – – Frequently taking low-dose aspirin or various other common pain relievers may lower long-term threat of colon cancer, new research suggests.As part of AB SCIEX, the team will continue to work from their current locations in India.. 270,000 low-income Medicare beneficiaries in California will be assigned new prescription medicine plans About 270,000 low-income elderly and disabled Californians will automatically be assigned to new Medicare prescription drug plans Jan. 1, 2007, because four programs will no be accessible next year longer, the LA Times reports.