Running is not just about the hip and legs and thighs and foot.

In time, your body becomes more efficient in processing the limited surroundings. Runners who swim have excellent breathing performance often. Breathing rhythms Sometimes, in long races a runner may eliminate focus and is thrown out of his breathing rhythm. It could be caused by the simple forgetting to concentrate on the breathing or its pattern. One way to avoid this is for the runner to time his sucking in rhythm with his methods. This is like the style of the swimmers who breathe at every third stroke. Runners who get to this continuing state can keep running just like a clock, with consistent speed and a great deal of efficiency. This concentration on breathing may also take his brain away from discomfort or soreness that may have developed at this stage and may cause him to give up the race.At most sites, the Priorities for Regional AIDS Control Efforts technique was adapted to identify geographic areas of risky and prioritize these regions for recruitment efforts.5 All women provided created informed consent. Extensive sociobehavioral research and community activities were part of the trial and informed many trial procedures, including recruitment, retention, informed consent, and adherence counseling. The trial was accepted by all relevant ethics and regulatory committees. Visit Procedures Participants attended clinic visits during screening and enrollment and in 4-week intervals thereafter for up to 60 weeks .