So unsafe sex is not a problem.

Surely it is time we’d another UK national campaign to provide this deadly disease to everybody’s attention and to right the misconceptions that both sponsor and migrant communities have of the united kingdom HIV/AIDS epidemic.’.. AIDS conversation breakdown means fresh threat to the united kingdom With World AIDS Day on December 1, a leading expert is urging the federal government to repeat the 1980s campaigns in order to deal with a new crisis of awareness and knowledge of the AIDS threat in the UK. New study by Professor Hazel Barrett of Coventry University alongside a research pupil Betselot Mulugeta among African ethnic minority communities in Birmingham offers highlighted a breakdown in understanding between migrant groupings and the united kingdom health authorities which means Africa’s issue with AIDS is coming into the UK.This is actually the so-called gold standard of modern medication. But with vaccines, no proof efficacy is required. No placebo-controlled studies have to be executed at all. Vaccines can be openly marketed and recommended without the evidence that they actually work. This is the new free pass for Big Pharma – – a class of medication that will require no proof! They merely need to be injected right into a few hundred people who are noticed for less than two weeks to see if anybody passed away or collapses into a coma. That’s all of the testing that’s required . No long-term protection exams are pursued or required, and, importantly, there is no requirement that the vaccine proves it really works to reduce flu attacks . In essence, by pressing for a vaccine method of virtually everything, including nicotine addictions, the pharmaceutical industry has changed itself from a little industry that just served sick people with scientifically-proven medicines to an enormous global industry that markets vaccines to everyone and demands no proof that they even work.