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They pointed out that the ultimate way to carry food is within an insulated vinyl lunch bag instead of paper bags, plastic metallic or pails lunch boxes. The insulated vinyl will keep the foods cooler, which is certainly important since kids don’t have usage of refrigerators. The group demonstrates the need for deterring the growth of bacteria by cleaning the lunch handbag with warm soapy drinking water as soon as the child comes home. This allows the bag to dry over night before it’s packed again the next day. Furthermore, it’s important to choose vinyl handbag material that is phthalate – and dioxin-free. The group also advises parents to make use of clean packing materials in the lunch box, preferably sealable single-use sandwich bags that can be disposed of each full day.Replication of Association between APOC3 Genotypes and Plasma Lipids The gene most strongly associated with plasma triglyceride amounts in the discovery sample was the gene encoding apolipoprotein C3 . This cohort was split from the discovery cohort. The association was tested by us of these four mutations with plasma lipid levels. The methods used for association and genotyping testing are described in the Supplementary Appendix. APOC3 Genotypes, APOC3 Amounts, and CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Disease We next tested the association of APOC3 mutations with coronary heart disease in individuals of European, African, and Hispanic ancestry in 15 studies .