Sucampo receive Japanese acceptance for AMITIZA Sucampo Pharmaceuticals.

and Abbott announced that Sucampo Pharma today, Ltd. Related StoriesScripps Florida scientists win $2.4 million to expand development of new pain therapies We are very pleased to receive Japan’s first-ever approval for a prescription medicine for chronic constipation since it helps us achieve our objective of bringing medications with novel mechanisms of action to sufferers with unmet medical requirements on a worldwide basis, said Ryuji Ueno, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Sucampo’s Chairman and CEO. We look forward to dealing with Abbott to meet the needs of the patients in Japan. In 2009 2009, Abbott and Sucampo Japan Co. Ltd. Entered right into a license, commercialization and supply contract for AMITIZA in Japan.. Abbott, Sucampo receive Japanese acceptance for AMITIZA Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Complete enough sets, get out of the gym then! Overtraining is the curse of many people in the gym who can never seem to gain an ounce of muscle mass. They work hard, 5 to 6 days a week for you to two hours, yet they hardly ever grow. It’s because their central nervous system never includes a chance to recover from these brutal workouts. Train intensely for 45 to 60 minutes, then get out of the gym. Enough with the measurements! Don’t obsess over the excess 1/8 of an inch on your waistline, or the 1/16 of an inches you’ve put into your hands since yesterday. Regular fluctuations in body water levels usually account for this, but result in erratic behavior in bodybuilders.