The House Foreign Affairs Committee today passed House Resolution 5501.

AHF to congress: keep PEPFAR funding priority on AIDS treatment Today With a bipartisan voice vote earlier, The House Foreign Affairs Committee today passed House Resolution 5501 , a costs to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Arrange for AIDS Comfort , the united states global AIDS program. However, AHF sharply criticized the Committee and Congress for removing a current requirement that 55 percent of all PEPFAR funds be spent on AIDS treatment, a change which AHF believes will undermine the success the global Helps treatment plan has already established to time. Without access to HIV care, people coping with HIV/Helps shall die. We are asking Congress to revive the 55 percent floor for the funding of lifesaving treatment.H. Yeh, head of the study team and the Janice and Robert McNair Foundation Scholar at THI. Dr. Yeh is also chair of the Cardiology Section at The University of Texas-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The full total results of the study are being published this week in the scientific journal, Molecular Cell. Dr. Yeh and his colleagues found that a proteins modifier chemical referred to as SUMO regulates the transcription of two genes – Gata4 and Gata6 – during embryonic development. These genes are crucial to healthy heart advancement and transcription is section of the process that allows them to accomplish their work. The research demonstrates a SUMO-particular protease known as SENP-2 can be a master change turning on the Gata4 and Gata6 genes to allow them to perform their heart-development work.