To listen to the corporate-run media tell it.

10 outlandish things the ‘scientific’ controllers have in mind for you soon What corporate-driven ‘science’ has in mind for future years of humanity is considerably different from the dreamy utopian scenery which has been portrayed by the mainstream media. To listen to the corporate-run media tell it, science is always ‘great’ for humanity viagra online . Scientific achievements are generally called ‘advances’ rather than ‘setbacks,’ despite the fact that many of them are actually disastrous for humanity . While genuine science is, certainly, a necessary element of any civilization which seeks to expand its understanding of the universe, what we observe dominating the landscape today isn’t pure science but corporate-driven ‘technology’ that just seeks to accelerate corporate profits, not individual understanding.

After all, you will be the one with the vested interest. If you have assessed your present physical state, educated yourself in what it takes to obtain from that state to a level of vibrant health, you should have grabbed yourself a big chunk of empowerment. Exercise No, not really the grueling treadmill kind of exercise. Under western culture, we have been taught that your body and brain are two separate entities. But this isn’t true at all, and the kind of exercise that empowers is the type or kind that allows body and mind sing together as you. Move your body. Find the motions that induce a positive mental state and that are pleasant to you.